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"Why a Symposium on Healing Trauma?

Unresolved psychological trauma, especially PTSD, has been found to cause tremendous suffering and often goes untreated and unhealed.

When trauma is not healed it can be the underlying cause of lasting inflammation, chronic pain, chronic diseases and relational illness. Even less extreme cases can be painfully isolating and debilitating for the individual and their loved ones.

We offer periodic events to anyone who is interested in healing trauma. Please join us and take advantage of the resources offered on this site. To learn more about how we started, click here.

2nd Neighborhood Trauma Symposium - May 19, 2018

Our second Trauma Symposium will be held at the Touchstone Cohousing Common House on Saturday, May 19, 2018, from 2pm to 7pm, featuring a wonderful slate of presenters including:

**Lora Girata, MPH, CYT:
Yoga Beyond Trauma: "Trauma Sensitive Yoga."

**Sandy Miller, LMSW:
"EMDR -- Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing."

**Brady Mikusko, Life Coach:
"EFT -- Emotional Freedom Technique."

**Michaelene Ruhl, Psychologist and Carrie Landrum, MA: "Family and Systemic Constellations."

**The Threshold Singers of Ann Arbor:
"Singing for Emotional Healing."

**Carla Samson, RYT-200:
"Sound Healing"

**Marta Dabis, MS, MBA, BCC:
"Biofeedback with BellyBio."

**Libby Robinson, MSW, MPH, PhD:
"Mindfulness and other tools for coping with trauma."

love heals trauma, for the ann arbor neighborhood trauma symposium.

Additional Trauma Resources

From the First Neighborhood Symposium on Trauma

At our first symposium in January, 2018, we learned from the following presenters from the community:

**Marta Dabis: Welcome. "Why," and "Don't Follow My Path to Healing PTSD!"

**Sandy Miller, LMSW: "What is Trauma? Psychological and Neurological Effects and Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy."

**Robin Kahler, LMSW, ACSW: Re-traumatization -- "What makes Something Re-Traumatizing, and How to Avoid It."

**Bob van Oosterhout, MA, LMSW: Understanding PTSD -- "Restoring Balance to Body, Mind, and Emotion."

**Amy Guyton, MA: TRE/SUTT -- "What Tremors Can Do for You."

**Patty Hart: Trauma-Informed Yoga -- "Yoga as an Adjunct Therapy for Trauma."

**Marcia Lee: "Presencing, Meditating -- How to help Affect Regulation – Even from a Distance."

**Joya D'Cruz: Focusing-Oriented Therapy -- "Beginning to Feel in Charge of Your Own Process."

**Renee Rutz: Craniosacral Therapy -- "How Craniosacral Therapy Helps Nervous System Regulation."

**Matt Hartdegen of NeuroFitness -- "Restrictive Environmental Stimulus Therapy: Floating."

**Sue Anderson, Chiropractor and NAET practitioner -- "Nambudiprad Allergy Elimination Technique for Trauma."

**Molly Jarin: Physical Therapy -- "Gait and Movement Screenings - The Body as a Crystal Ball."

**Malcolm Sickels, MD, PC : Functional Medicine -- "How Not to Go About Using Nutritional Supplements."

**Kathleen Slonager, RN, DiHOM, ADS, AE-C, CCH: Homeopathy -- "Classical Homeopathy for Trauma."

**Rev. Virginia M. June: Ear acupuncture -- "The NADA Protocol for Trauma."

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